Complaints Management!

Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (TASAC).


Persons Who May Lodge Complaints

A complaint may be lodged to the corporation by-

  • A person who receives or has received services from a regulated service provider,
  • A person who is affected or likely to be affected by the act, omission or decision of a regulated service provider,
  • A regulated service provider.

Complaints Not to be Dealt with

The corporation shall not deal with the following complaints in accordance with the Regulations-

  • A complaint which is made orally and is resolved amicably to the complainant's satisfaction not later than seven days after the day on which the complaint was made,
  • A complaint, the subject mater of which is the same as that of a complaint that has previously been made by the same complainant and resolved in accordance with the Regulations.

Time Limit for Lodging Complaint

(1) Except as provided in sub-regulation (2), a complaint shall be lodged not later than twelve months after-

  • the date on which the matter which is the subject of the complaint occured, or
  • the date on which the matter which is the subject of the complaint came to the notice of the complainant.

(2) The time limit in sub-regulation(1) shall not apply if the corporation, upon written application by the complainant, is satisfied that the complainant had good reasons for not loding the complaint within the time limit.

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